Speak Out! Cancer Foundation
would appreciate your assistance with our Virtual Ribbon Fundraiser. Your donations will support the some of the services that we will provide our survivors and their families:

Cancer Education (workshops for survivors, caregivers & families)
Mini Makeovers for Cancer Survivors (hair & makeup)
Cleaning Service for Cancer Survivors
DME Equipment (wheel chairs, walkers, etc.)  
Food Service (deliver prepared meals to cancer survivor’s homes)
Provide transportation to treatments, regular & follow-up appointments, pharmacies and daycare centers.     
Assist with payments and/or make arrangements with the providers who will be providing these services at low to no cost.
Provide financial assistance, when necessary & based on specific criteria, for co-pays and prescriptions.
Respite Housing for Cancer Survivors (provide housing for 2 survivors without caregivers in the area as well as  daily activities)
Therapy (Individual and Family)

*Therapy and transportation will also be available for the survivor’s family/caregivers.

Speak Out! Cancer Foundation is passionate about the cancer community. Many times patients, survivors and their families/caregivers lack the total healing experience when battling cancer. This is where SOCF steps in to assist with transitioning the family as one of their love ones under goes cancer treatment, completes treatment and moves toward regaining the normalcy (new normal) that may have been lost to dealing with cancer.  

We THANK YOU for your assistance with our Fundraisers and look forward to partnering with you again to provide services for our survivors and their families.


If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Thank you for your continued support!!


-Making families stronger, one SURVIVOR at a time.-

Speak Out!
​Cancer Foundation