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-Making families stronger, one SURVIVOR at a time.-

Speak Out!
​Cancer Foundation

Speak Out! Cancer Forum was created by a breast cancer survivor who was passionate about her diagnosis, as an outlet for any cancer survivor and their families/caregivers to share their stories and let us know, through filling out a survey, what services they would have like to had received while going through the treatment and care giving process.  The initial idea was to start a newsletter to share survivor and family/caregiver’s stories.

After some time, Speak Out! Cancer Foundation (SOCF) was formed because its founder wanted to do more for the cancer community by providing education and services to cancer survivors and their families/caregivers. 

Speak Out! Cancer Foundation (SOCF) is passionate about the cancer community. Many times patients, survivors and their families lack the total healing experience when battling cancer. This is where SOCF steps in to assist with transitioning the family as one of their love ones under goes cancer treatment, completes treatment and moves toward regaining the normalcy lost to dealing with cancer. 

Right now there is a great need to pair patients with survivors and patient’s caregivers with survivor’s caregivers to ease the concerns of maintaining a sound mind, body, and spirit during a trying time. To reach our goal successfully and ensure we can provide the needs of all involved, fundraising efforts are being developed.

Our primary initiatives will be Cancer Education, Childhood Cancer, Custom Breast Prosthesis and Prostate Cancer.

Check out how you can assist SOCF's mission by visiting our  FUNDRAISERS's page. 

If you would like to help us with our mentor's program, please take a few minutes and fill out the CONTACT INFO form to get added to our mailing list, you can also send us an email: 
info@so-cf.info  if you would like to volunteer your services 
and/or donate towards our motto...

Making families stronger, one SURVIVOR at a time!!